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Upcoming events

October – December 2015

12 -21 October 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training inNavoi, Fergana and Tashkent Oblasts

26 October — 5 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Samarkand, Surkhadaryaand KashkadaryaOblasts

9 — 18 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent Oblast
23 November — 2 December 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent City

3–4 December, 2015
The Final Project Conference
Tashkent International Hotel, Tashkent City

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  •  unicef   

    The United Nations Children’s Fund has been active in Uzbekistan since 1994. The organisation is an internationally-recognised source of expertise regarding mother and child health services, and the rights of mothers and children. Together with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF acts as a convener of partners that support mother and child health sector reforms.

    At the policy level, UNICEF supports the Government of Uzbekistan to improve the mother and child health sector’s policies and regulatory framework by introducing international standards for safe motherhood, antenatal and newborn care, the integrated management of childhood illnesses, best immunisation and nutrition practices, and the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

    At the health care system level, UNICEF has developed the capacity of health professionals by providing training in newborn and child survival packages, and by integrating these packages into the curricula of Medical Institutes. UNICEF has also developed the capacities of health care system managers and supported the implementation of quality improvement systems.

    At the community level, UNICEF empowers families to adopt healthy behaviours and apply best child care and development practices. UNICEF contribution to the current project constitutes EUR 818.770. UNICEF ongoing activities will also complement project activities and will contribute to the project outcomes.